Howcome you always do that?
First thing was first, she'd cleared the end of the night away - she was still going to be working, but she had to talk to several people before hand to get it all squared away that she had something planned for the later part of Thursday evening. Unless they were going to come in selling cotton candy, they couldn't come in at all. Since Roman didn't participate in the burlesque night, she was taking it upon the management to let her do more or less, something that was going to be better suited to that night on her own (it wasn't the first time that it'd happened, there had been a routine she threw together putting clothes on like a man at one point a few months back). She had a small red and white box of popcorn and two cones of cotton candy waiting on the center table where she was positive there would be at least one if not two more glasses before the little interlude was over.

She'd set up a stand to hold cards right by the curtain's opening (because that particular room was done up with velvet curtains all around the walls and the doors) -- reading in very script-y letters 'Five minutes until the show starts!' and then three minutes later, a pale arm came in to switch the card out, the next reading 'Remember, I can touch you but you can't touch me - hee!' -- the card switching out singled that the lights went just a touch dimmer than they generally were lit back there and she was just standing at the opposite door, the one that was more or less used for security reasons and god only knew what else, fixing her ties and her face paint.

The costume was something on a take of the Pierrot costume, hopefully he wasn't expecting rainbow bow-ties and floppy shoes. Which meant that he probably was, anyway. She came out en pointe, tip toeing around the seats from the back as the music that was piped in started to play - a scratchy record of a song from an old music box. Getting around in front of him, the costume itself was a very, very pale pink with two black pompoms on a matching corset that laid them just under her breasts, her hair done up in pigtails and the little cone hat nestled to the left side on top of her head - the soft silk of the skirt pushed up and out under a short crinoline skirt that showed off the fact that she had nude fishnets and a pair of black and white diamond patterned stockings underneath.

At first there was very little done save for twirling around and making her face look very sad - the diamonds under her eyes and painted on heart shaped mouth turned down in a frown until the music picked up where almost instantaneously, her eyes got brighter and her smile turned up in a bow. The first thing off was the tutu, showing the matching, glittering underwear underneath - the corset pointed in along her waist and as she turned around and the lights grew just a bit more, it showed how tightly the thing was lased up in the back. Everything pushed up and out - using the skirt as a prop, she eventually got close enough to drape it around his shoulders with a little grin -- then quickly taking a few steps back on tip-toe she resumed the actual dancing only to come back and sit next to him on the sofa, taking a very moment to huff and gesture to the garters on her thighs. Her face turned up in exasperation as she started to wrestle with the material finally getting it down around her calf - which she'd stretched out over him only to find that she couldn't get it off because her shoes were still tied on.

She laid back on the sofa and made a few more annoyed noises, bringing her legs up straight so she could fuss with the bows on her ankles, the back garter on her left leg snapping hard against her thigh which provided a comical yelp afterward as she stopped what she was doing to rub at the red mark on the back of her leg.

"Learn a little lesson there, didn't we?" his laugh was low and rough in the air, making Roman break character for a moment, grinning to herself - he wasn't the sort of person that you hung around with all the time, and she really couldn't figure out when she'd become so attached to whatever it was, but it made her smile anyway. There'd been a moment where his hand inched and barely hovered over the skin on her leg, she could feel the damp hot that was from him and the condensation on the glass he'd put down. With a gaze that never left her, he'd reached into his jacket pocket to pull out a large silver dollar that he passed between his fingers and pressed his thumb hard into the head, "so when do we get to the juggling bit, huh?"

At any rate, when the garter snapped at her - Roman had pulled her legs upright, toes in the air and all, so she could lean around as best she could (the corset still mostly in the way) to inspect the red snap on the back of her thigh. Which was exactly what was supposed to happen. When he'd chuckled, she pulled a face. Her pout exaggerated, bottom lip jutted out just enough with her eyes wide as she blinked at him, not that she actually expected sympathy. But the clown that she was being was sort of naive and sweet and really couldn't claim to know any better. Her first two fingers barely touched the offending spot and she made her upper body wince at the touch. She soothed around it for a moment before she pulled the other snap on the opposite leg off, brought her legs back down and sat up on the seat next to him on her knees. She sighed and shook her head at him with a little smile, turned away for a moment - turned back and then moved her arms to fold over her chest. Clowns didn't talk so this was a little difficult. She turned on her knees in the seat cushion and bent her whole top half over the back of the sofa, leaving her ass in the air while she was digging around behind the both of them. Her feet crossing at the ankles after she'd given a stiff kind of vaudeville show girl kick to the air, mostly now just balancing on the back edge of the sofa until...

She turned around with a bag of balloons, her weight leaving her a bit of a bounce in the seat as she turned to face him. One hand lifting up as she brought the first balloon to her lips - rather obviously struggling with it as she went on. She made noises and huffed, she rolled her eyes and the more she went on, the further her knees went apart in the seat - at first, both hands had been holding the balloon up so she could get to it, but eventually, eventually her hand wandered down over her chest, absently plucking at the ruffled edge of her bra and the ribbons at her sides. She sighed, getting the stupid thing half blown up with a pause and a swallow - her hand moving down to her thigh to play with the end of the stocking that still hadn't completely come off and then back up again, just as slowly over her boning that cinched in her waist. The balloon now nearly blown up, thank god, she held it in her mouth and blinked at him over the top as her other hand had come down to fuss with the corset, pulling it off slowly and practically beaming at him when she'd gotten it off with the last rather loud sound of the twinkling music box song - showing the red marks it had left across her sides from how tight it'd been around her.

But when it came off, a little red ball had fallen out from between her breasts on to the couch. She was busy scratching her nails along either of her sides, stretching a quite a ways up with the balloon still in her mouth when she felt it move - and then let go of the balloon without a second thought. The thing zipped along the room and landed with a small thud on the other side. Roman brought her legs together, picked up the red ball and pointedly looked down, pretending to be very embarrassed that she couldn't get at least one balloon blown up and tied off. Her mouth screwed up to the side, looking at the small red ball that was now in her hand and leaned forward a bit. Her arm straight in the seat to hold herself up, looking at him dead in the eye and put what was so very clearly the red nose on the end of his.

He didn't groan about it, there wasn't any fuss - when she'd put the rubber nose on the end of his. There'd been a look, a low and measured tone in his voice when he'd said don't you fucking do it and she had, of course she had. It was the whole point of the exercise. Irritated that she left right after, he'd let himself sprawl backward against the sofa and rub his face with his hand after carefully slipping his silver dollar back into his jacket pocket.

Ro had come back, grinning she wrinkled her nose and scampered off the couch, ducked around the back and came back with a cupcake and a candle -- presented it to him and sort of kneeling, sort of crouched in front of him - one of her hands on his knee as she started to fuss with the bra she'd been wearing - the thing came off and her whole chest had been covered in white iridescent glitter. Her upper arms coming together to press her breasts together, bouncing a bit in place. "You've got to make a wish now."

"You are somethin' else," his head had shook softly against all of it - he wasn't exactly the sort of person to just smile because, and she kind of liked him that way, actually. Running his hand over his face and against his stubble again, almost completely forgetting about the rubber nose in the first place - until his index finger wandered too close, bumping into the rubber edge. His brow shifted and he threw the thing off to the side of the room, looking at her expectantly, "That smells like shit, by the way," stretching his hand out to find his whiskey before returning his attention to her. But there was the candle to deal with - and it was, it was something, he wasn't sure what exactly, since this would be him humoring her humoring him. More than he'd anticipated anyway. He leaned over, placed a hand on her wrist and forced her to bring up the plate until the candle flame was level with her lips. Then he moved in even more until his lips were two inches away from hers, only separated by the flame. He blew softly until only trailing smoke remained. "There should be three to four of you now, each in one shade of undress -- fully. You look first, I'm not ready to have my dreams shit on."

"I try," her voice rumbled out in a quiet purr, her eyes lighting up when he remembered he had the nose on his face. All but falling on her side in a giggle fit once he'd gotten it off, the arm that wasn't trying to steady the cupcake on the plate now holding her side and her ribs so she'd stop the laughing. It wasn't at him, not really - just the whole turn of events was kind of amusing to her and she liked laughing, hopefully he wouldn't think it was malicious because Roman got the distinct feeling that Julian was just a little sensitive to just about everything. "I know it smells like shit," offhandedly as she was waiting for him to blow the candle out, "that's why I didn't want it on my nose." Alright it was breaking character a little - she didn't really have any grand plans to do that until afterward, but he was being ornery and she really couldn't help herself.

Naturally there was the pause, the string of seconds between him blowing out the candle and her watching his face to see if he was going to go along with it. He wasn't the nicest person she'd ever come across, but he was interesting, he made good conversation. He had a weird fucking nose, which she liked, and seemed to be altogether unimpressed with just about everything. Her eyelashes flitted down to the plate and then back up to his face, smiling quite shyly and not anything that was part of the plan when he'd brought her close enough to say that. "You wouldn't know what to do with one of me let alone four," still on her knees she'd sidled up a ways and tried to ease him back into a more relaxed seat on the couch, making a little squeak of a please if he was going to be stubborn about it - once it'd been done, she took the plate and set it on the small table in front and off to the side and climbed back up onto her feet. Her head bobbed to the side as she'd started to take off the little cone hat, tossing it to the side and began shaking her hair out of the bunches she'd had. That done, the crinoline underskirt that had the garters attached needed to be dealt with and she'd just about tossed it at him before lowering herself very carefully to sit on his right knee.

The music finally looping around back to the start (it was kind of difficult to find long playing eerie Halloween music box music, actually) - taking the cue, she'd slid along his leg with a little bounce until she was sitting in his lap with her back facing his chest. It was all - all of it, obnoxiously cute kinds of movements, with the occasional glance over her shoulder to make a face as if asking why he wasn't made of pillows or something equally comfy.

Finally, she leaned back and lifted her left leg, slowly rolling the one stocking down, then mirroring the same actions on the other. Her hair had practically eaten both of them at that point, or probably had, as her hands had slowly started to move over her breasts and down her stomach - giggling quietly as she'd gotten to the waist band of the panties she'd had on. There was a tug and a huff, working the black and white material down around her hips and from between her thighs - showing that she had a nude thong on underneath that had been splashed with the glitter that was already on her chest. Carefully balling up the underwear, she reached back and down, finding one of his pockets to stuff them up inside the pocket he'd slipped his silver dollar.