Florida was like California on a Troma budget
She doesn't exactly remember how the chain of events happened, there was a phone call in the middle of the morning, there was a lot of argument that wasn't quite an argument. Maybe it was just casual reasons to not that were volleyed back and forth for more than an hour, the end of it was when the person on the other line pointed out that it wasn't like she'd been happy. Not a low blow, just something Roman wasn't willing to sit and think about for too long - it wasn't a win so much on either side, but she found herself later that evening down in Florida.

The weather was enough of a change, really, the minute she stepped out of her car and walked up through the hotel to the desk, she'd shed a sweater and a jacket, wishing she'd worn her flip flops rather than the boots that she'd had cinched up around her calves. There was already a room picked out for her, all she had to do was pick up the key. The room was..about what someone would expect. It was a really nice hotel, the duvet looked like it had clouds stuffed inside of it - and Roman was happy to just fall over onto the bed without thinking much about it. Sunglasses and all, sleeping there in the dark without thinking about doing much else for an hour or so, so stationary that when she woke up there were dents from her sunglasses across her face.

It had been quite a while since she found herself in such a position, mostly of her own doing. After she woke up, she started rolling her hair and spraying, she'd get ready when she got there - but there wasn't any point in not starting with her hair. She ran her fingers over her temples and tried to stretch the skin by her eyes, she tweaked her lips with her index finger and her thumbs while she stuffed things into a duffel bag. Her purse was slung over her shoulder and she waved to the girl at the front desk on the way out - back into her car and hoping that the traffic had died down just a little. Reaching the parking deck, Ro settled in where there were lots of people already parked, it was sharing spots with some kind of family style thing downtown which was interesting since.. two cars over there were those family stickers, except this one had Luke, Leia, Yoda and a tiny Storm Trooper. She didn't really want to try to understand that one -- not unlike the three Wolverines she'd seen in the city. But at least they had a Scooby, too.

When she'd gotten herself together and made her way to the back entrance of the ..kind of imposing, large grey cinder-block building that was surrounded by Christmas lights of all kinds, there was an impossibly tall woman waiting for her with her arms crossed over her chest -- well until she saw her, the woman had long black hair and a strong, strong gorgeous Italian face with almond eyes. She scooped her up in her arms for a tight hug. "I always knew you would come back to me, bella" she all but purred in Italian with Ro pressed up to her chest, totally unable to laugh. "For a week, maybe two," she corrected her quickly with her eyebrow raised. The other woman canted her head and looked down with a large smile, "That's what you say now, you wait - You'll be here through February," her brow perched up before squeezing her with a tight hug again. The pair of them walked through and, her name, her name was Valerie, she preferred going by Val, her stage name, of course was Valentine. She introduced (and sometimes it was re-introduced) Ro to the other girls who were dancing tonight. There were two blondes in pigtails with soft curls, a brunette who was lacing up her corset, several other people who had tiny ..flame throwers? It wasn't her place - her place was, she had the spot on the middle pole for the night and her feather fans, anyway, and then after that rounds until the next showing. Which ..all in all, sounded fine.

Ro had started pulling out fishnets and the tiniest panties she thought she could find, thanks to this particular club's ..rules, bottoms could, and in fact more often than not, came off along with everything else. Which was fine, more tips were more tips.She was kind of a throw back, in costume, in stature, in how she danced - she wasn't so far back as to look at her and go ah, there was a vintage enthusiast, but Ro did call up some decades that just weren't there anymore - maybe parts of time that got forgotten to the point that they were things people didn't really want to talk about. When she finished her make up, her eyes were dark and her lips were lined sharp and sweet, dark red with the faint blush glowing warm against the rest of her skin that looked too cold to touch. She wrapped herself up in one of her thick boned corsets with the gun metal hardware. The corset itself was scarlet brocade with black velvet trim around the edges, it'd lifted her bust and pushed her waist in to a point that was just laughable. It wasn't 18 inches, but it might as well have been. Once Valerie was sure she was ready - she signaled for the DJ to hit the music, of course she had her own music -- maybe she'd lied about how long and where all she'd danced, but that didn't really matter.

The initial flirt with the audience was a wave with a large, red ostrich feather fan. She peeked around the corner and winked to the first person she saw - a couple sitting front row and half leaning on the stage. She teased and danced, no one saw anything until she wanted them to - the feathers obscuring all the parts of her that anyone would show interest in, until the beat of the song changed. She turned and popped the feathers up against the small of her back, showing the rhinestone covered panties that were just barely covering her ass, the rest of her peeking around the feathers as they'd dropped and she started to simper and strut around the stage, taking her corset off slowly to show a black undercup bra that matched her panties - which came off in no short amount of time to follow. Soon, she was standing there with people flinging bills at the stage while she smiled and preened for them, she batted her eyelashes and turned up her facial expressions. She was, or it would look like to anyone not in the room directly, that she was having connections with each and every person that was paying attention to what she was doing. She was emotionally involved with them - and so were they. Winning a crowd over was no small feat, frankly. And she would be exhausted more than half way through - not that it mattered. Her corset came off and she started to wander around the biggest of the three silver poles - her hand glossed up and down, around and when the beat thumped out at the right time over the speaker, she more or less leaped on top of it - circling and swaying herself around with what amounted to be her wrist as she hung upside down.

She teased the idea of the pole being too big for her, the way that her thighs were holding on to it was saying something of the opposite. She hung there, steady while she circled and slowly took the bra off - showing that she had no pasties on at all - the only thing she had on after that was a barely there nude colored thong that was probably going unnoticed or going to come off after she got off the pole. She pulled and pushed her breasts together, climbing the pole and sliding back down again, swirling herself down onto the stage with a grin. She fell into a set of splits and slithered up to the walk way of the stage where she was met with two other girls - the ones with pigtails from earlier, where they danced together and she'd gotten to snap the straps on their bras and spanked the other - eventually resulting in the two of them 'over powering her' with malicious smiles that were shot toward the crowd as the music died down and the lights faded out to black.

The three of them got back stage, there was a girl all dressed in white who had a big bag, had all their clothes and money in it, she was a stage kitten. And Roman couldn't remember a time she ever liked having that job, but it happened. Valerie stepped up between the three of them and hugged them, "I was brilliant for thinking up a serial act, this is going to be hilarious - I really hope someone comes back and asks what's going to happen to you," she bopped Ro's nose and Ro, well, she rolled her eyes and hip checked her friend. "We'll see - two weeks, that's it - then home," the other woman shook her head, "February, you wait and see."

She wasn't quite sold on that, pulling her hair up into a wig cap while the other women were getting ready for their stage acts, it was something like 4:30 am, two hours 'til close and she was due for walking around. She pulled a soft blonde wig on and a sheer and sequin black jumpsuit and her tall, tall platforms. Roman sauntered out into the crowd and waved at one of the girls that she'd met the last time she'd been down there - she was working at the bar now, she probably didn't remember her. But that was fine. You were expected to be friendly to everybody - she could do that.

Naturally, one of the girls in pigtails (who's name was Helen, she thought? Well backstage, that was her name - she didn't know her name in front of people) who came over to get her. She was practically beaming and dragging Roman over to the table she was at - which was filled to the brim, complete with three buckets of very cold, very expensive bottles. "This is her," the girl squeaked, she didn't look younger than Ro, but she sounded it? She wasn't sure - but she was out in the crowd before she was, and apparently prepping people for her? Who knew. They made room for her, one in a horrible jacket that in that weather nobody had any business wearing was asking her if she was going to be here long- was she really Russian, he knew Russians - all of 'em dudes though. To which she giggled, the same giggle she always had when things felt just odd - not right, not at home, but still nothing was wrong. She had to get back to doing what she was doing- but, but he asked her to come back, maybe before the end of the night - and Val, saw the whole exchange, tsking from behind the bar when she'd gotten back. You don't do that, I know you don't do that, but still - waste of time, prediletto, you go home and I'll get you your money in the morning and we'll go out for brunch, sì? sì.

Truth be told, she had no interest in any of it except wanting to see how much she could get the guy to spend, but she was right. It was late and she wanted to get a shower - thank heaven it was closing.