Black Widow
My favorite words are good-bye, and my favorite color is red.
name; Natalia Alianovna Romanova Natasha Romanoff
alias; Patch (current), Black Widow, 'Tasha, Nat, Tsarina, Oktober, Red Death, Yelena Belova, Babbette, Nancy Rushman, Laura Matthers, Ebon Flame, Black Pearl & etc.
canon point; After the last issue of Jen and Sylvia Soska's run.
fandom; Marvel 616
birth name; Natalia
apparent age; 20 to 33
gender + sexuality; female, heterosexual
birth place; Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)
occupation; TBA!
stuff she's got; white and black suit and an eye patch (wearing), a bottle of Hibiki 17, duffel bag that includes; a wallet with two ids, two outfits, Black Widow tact suit, make up, two wigs (one blonde, one black), one Glock 26 with two magazines, a wad of heavily used bills ($1,327 and fifty cents), a tattered half poster of Siren Song, a pair of trainers and two thumb drives and fishing line
Personality; So, being dead is a hell of a time. Natasha is beyond everything else tired and trying to find her footing after coming back. Natasha could always be accused of single-mindedness, maybe trying to plan x amount of steps before the turn for every situation, too. But it wasn't as if she didn't know where or how that was going to end up, at some point. There was always going to be something or someone that had her number, she just sort of wished it'd been someone else. Maybe in step with her single-mindedness, she was caring of those around her. Always careful of where her feet fell along side her friends and the people who's names would be dragged along next to hers, at that point a mission could and would become more personal and where a lot of people wound up tied up and hung upside down barely breathing by the time SHIELD had gotten to them. Or not, sometimes she would bank on the not.

In knowing that the world could be taken away within a matter of seconds, Natasha has in the later part of her life, has softened more to the idea of telling people that you love them and you look out for them as it happens - rather than, for lack of a better analogy, sitting like a gargoyle on top of a building and pining while trying to get blood off of your suit. We die alone, the selfish live that way. Her baseline has and always would be assessing the room, a person, the situation before giving a hint at her hand, even if it's a baseball game. So, yes, obviously, she's secretive, but that doesn't mean she's unwelcoming or hasn't got a sense of humor (granted, it's a little macabre, but still). Given what she's been trained and programmed for, Natasha is incredibly easy to talk to when she wants to be and, unsurprisingly, loves children. And, irritatingly, is one of those people who can make fun of her favorite band, but other people don't get to do that. She loves her friends to the ends of any world, but she's one of the only people who gets to call Elektra a bitch. And she'll always want to go out for karaoke.

Appearance; Natasha runs about five feet three inches, but has been known to project a good foot taller depending on who all is in the room or conversation. Her aesthetics lean toward classic, be it in leather jackets or cocktail dresses. She can dress for nearly any and every occasion, if you give her three minutes. Curvy with long, red hair that's, admittedly, kind of irritating if she's trying to circle someone's neck before breaking it. But she does try to keep her vanity in check, most of the time. In downtime she prefers her jeans, tank-tops and leather jackets, but if it's a party, she will absolutely try to show out, unless, of course, she's supposed to be working.

Abilities; Artificially Enhanced Physiology -- Natasha is a recipient of the Red Room's strain of the Super Soldier serum; as a result her physical and mental abilities had been psycho-chemically enhanced beyond human limits. She is classified as a Superhuman.
Peak Human Strength-- she is capable of lifting up to 500 lbs, though has stated that the Punisher is stronger than her.
Peak Human Speed-- Natasha is as fast as a human is able to be.
Super Human Agility -- Natasha's natural agility is heightened to a level greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. She can coordinate her body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity easily.
Super Human Reflexes-- Due to the Red Room's experiments, her reaction time is similarly enhanced and functions with superhuman efficiency and capability.
Peak Human Durability-- Natasha's bodily tissues have been augmented to the pinnacle of human development. Though she can be injured in the typical ways other humans can be, she possesses exceptional human strength, endurance, and stamina. ● Peak Human Senses-- Her five senses are enhanced and function at the peak of human perfection.
Peak Mental Resistance-- Natasha is extraordinarily capable at withstanding torture. She is required to go undercover for S.H.I.E.L.D. often and has been extensively trained to endure long-term inhumane interrogation methods.
Peak Human Immune System-- While she is susceptible to disease, the Black Widow has been enhanced by biotechnology that makes her body resistant to aging and disease and heals at an above human rate.
Extended Longevity-- The Super Soldier serum variant has also extended her lifespan by dramatically slowing her natural aging process. Although she is almost 80 years old, she has the youthful appearance and vitality of a woman in the physical prime of her life

Natasha is a -- Master Martial Artist, Expert Acrobat, Expert Marksman, Multilingual, Graceful Dancer, Gifted Intellect, Expert Tactician, Talented Hacker, Master Seductress and Master Spy.

History; here and here
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